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A user of the site must guarantee that you will not give your username or password to any other individual, and will not log any other individual into your account. Further, you must certify that you will be the only person who takes any course material under your username and password. If you take a course to meet state or national continuing education requirements, you must understand that in order to be certified for the number of credit hour(s) assigned to each course (clearly listed on the course purchase page) you understand that are required to spend that amount of time on the continuing education activity as start and end times for each course are time stamped. You must use the site, as it is intended and understand that if you do not, you may not receive the credit for the hour(s) that you expected.

Current requirements by national, state, and local agencies are subject to change. We never know when these agencies alter their interpretation of their regulations or modify regulations regarding the number and type of hours they will accept online or by what means and methods such continuing education hours will be allowed to be obtained. Continuing Education 4 You, LLC attempts to keep up-to-date listings of the professional requirements and regulations. We will check for regulation changes on a regular basis and request our users to alert us of any changes they become aware of. You must understand that the ultimate responsibility for knowing and complying with your regulations lies with you, the user. If you are unsure if taking a particular course will meet your needs, you should contact your regulating agencies. You also agree to indemnify, defend and hold Continuing Education 4 You, LLC harmless against any lost income, claims or expenses, including attorney's fees, arising from the use of this site to obtain your continuing education credits.

Copyright Notice and Limitations on Use

Continuing Education 4 You, LLC provides continuing education courses. All of the information, content, and services (collectively, the "Content ") within CE4You.com (the “Service) is protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws. Continuing Education 4 You, LLC owns or has licensing agreements with the owners of the Content. The Content is intended for the personal use of the users of the Service. You may not reproduce, sell, publish, distribute, modify, display, re-post or otherwise use any portion of the Content in any other way or for any other purpose without the written consent of Continuing Education 4 You, LLC. Requests regarding use of the Content for any purpose other than personal, non-commercial use should be directed to info@ce4you.com. You acknowledge that the Content includes certain trademarks and service marks owned by Continuing Education 4 You, LLC and certain logotypes, as well as trademarks owned by other information providers. You agree not to copy, use or otherwise infringe upon these trademarks or service marks. You also agree that you will not alter or remove any trademark, copyright or other notice from any copies of the Content.

Report Copyright Infringement

Instructors presenting courses on the Continuing Education 4 You, LLC site may, in their presentation, review materials including but not limited to publications in books, journals, articles, and other periodicals. They agree not to infringe on trademarked or copyrighted material, avoiding the use of material they do not own, have permission to use, purchased appropriately or reference properly.

Care has been taken to assure content providers are qualified to speak on the subjects presented. Continuing Education 4 You, LLC is not responsible for errors or omissions or for any consequences from application of the information in the educational material. Continuing Education 4 You, LLC has assurances from content providers that they are not violating copyright laws. If they have inadvertently overlooked any, they will be pleased to make necessary arrangements at the first opportunity.

If you believe your trademark or copyrighted material has been infringed upon, please contact us at info@ce4you.com. Provide us with the name of the course in which the infringement is alleged, a description of the infringement, and evidence that you are the rightful owner or representative of the trademark or infringed material. We will immediately investigate and if appropriate remove the content from the site.

General Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

You expressly agree that you will use this service at your own risk. Neither Continuing Education 4 You, LLC nor any of its employees, agents, content providers or licensors makes any representations or warranties of any kind regarding the service, the content, any advertising material or the results that may be obtained from use of the service. This service is provided on an "as is" basis and Continuing Education 4 You, LLC specifically disclaims any express or implied warranties or guarantees of continuing education credit acceptance by regulating agencies. This includes without limitation, warranties of fitness for a particular purpose, warranties of merchantability or warranties against infringement. Continuing Education 4 You, LLC, its affiliates, employees, agents, content providers and licensors shall in no event be liable for any damages or losses, including, without limitation, direct, indirect, consequential, special, incidental or punitive damages resulting from or caused by the service or its content, including, without limitation, losses related to your inability to use this Service, any errors, omissions or defects in the content, or, any interruptions, delays in transmission or computer viruses. Continuing Education 4 You, LLC takes no responsibility for the timeliness of the information presented in the seminars, on the site or in our database. Continuing Education 4 You, LLC does not warrant that any material referenced or comments made within a course or included in our database is the only opinion or treatment available.

Continuing Education 4 You, LLC will provide you with periodic updates regarding the state of distance-based learning. We will send a monthly emailed newsletter. You may opt-out of receiving these emails, but opting-out of our email list will remove you from valuable developments, particularly changes by your regulating agencies. As you are voluntarily registering with our website, it is your responsibility to maintain your account status, particularly whether you receive email from us. As courses may be taken more than once, and in most states you may not take the same course within the same relicensure period for credit, the ultimate responsibility lies with you, the user if you take a course more than once.

Refund Policy

You understand that there will be no refunds for courses taken on Continuing Education 4 You, LLC. Any money on account will be used for taking future courses. If you select a course in error, or if you are dissatisfied with a course, please contact us and we will void the course and you can select a replacement course.

If you have a dispute regarding any aspect of your account, please email us at Info@ce4you.com explaining the situation with as much detail as possible including documentation, correspondence and your assessment about what you would like done to resolve the matter. Your request will be processed and responded to within 10 days of receipt.

Privacy Policy

Continuing Education 4 You, LLC is dedicated to providing visitors to Continuing Education 4 You, LLC with a highly interactive and personalized experience, while at the same time protecting users from unexpected use of personally identifiable information. Like other Web publishers, we collect information from users in order to deliver more individualized content and advertising to them, but only within the limits specified in this policy.

How We Gather Information from Users

Continuing Education 4 You, LLC requires users to register with us and provide certain information, including an e-mail address, in order to fulfill our service. Some of the information we request will be voluntary and be identified as optional during the registration process. You may change or update your registration with us at any time logging onto your account and choosing “My Profile”. In connection with our current and planned electronic commerce services, you will be asked to provide information, including credit card information, that is necessary to complete a transaction you have requested. To protect you, Continuing Education 4 You, LLC does not store your credit information. Continuing Education 4 You, LLC also employs cookie technology to improve your navigation through the site and to allow customization of the site according to your individual preferences. Once you register with us, a string of information (the cookie) is passed to your web browser and stored on your computer. This cookie identifies you as a unique, registered user and holds your preferences as you have identified them during the registration and customization process. Like most web sites, Continuing Education 4 You, LLC logs IP addresses, or the electronic location of your computer on the Internet.

What We Do With The Information We Collect

Information collected during registration must be accurate, because some of this information will be passed to sponsors of courses, and/or regulating agencies, as you requested. The information you share with us may be used in several ways. We will use personal information to communicate with you about your registration and customization preferences; our Terms of Service and Privacy Policies; other services and products offered by Continuing Education 4 You, LLC, changes and improvements made to the website, and other important information. Personal information collected by Continuing Education 4 You, LLC may also be used for site administration and troubleshooting and to process e-commerce transactions and other matters you initiate.

Information Presented Is Not Professional Advise

The information presented at CE4You.com is not intended to replace the advice or attention of healthcare or legal professional. Please seek advice and clearance from a qualified professional to meet your needs. Through this web site you are able to link to other web sites, which are not under the control of the Center for Health and Fitness Continuing Education. We have no control over the nature, content and availability of those sites. The inclusion of any links does not necessarily imply a recommendation or endorse the views expressed within them.


The foregoing policy is effective as of January 1, 2011. Continuing Education 4 You, LLC reserves the right at their discretion to change these Terms of Service and will notify users of any such changes by online postings and/or email. Your continued use of the Service after the posting of any amended Terms of Service shall constitute your agreement to be bound by any such changes. The Service may modify, suspend, discontinue or restrict the use of any portion of the Service, including the availability of any portion of the Content at any time, without notice or liability. These Terms of Service will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Maryland, without regard to its conflicts of law provisions. You hereby agree that any cause of action you may have with respect to the Service must be filed in the federal or state courts located in Anne Arundel County, Maryland within one year after the cause of action arises or the cause is barred. This statement and the policies outlined herein are not intended to and do not create any contractual or other legal rights in or on behalf of any party.

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