Rehabilitation of the Athlete

Hour 7 of 10 - Lower Kinetic Chain and Respiration

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Rehabilitation of the Athlete - Hour 7 of 10 - Lower Kinetic Chain and Respiration

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Course Objective

This is one-hour of a 10-hour live event. In this hour, Dr. Liebenson teaches how to assess respiration and the lower kinetic chain allowing the clinician to grade fundamental movements and eventually correct specific functional abnormalities. This hour covers the magnificent 7 functional screens, factors that contribute to injury, a variety of exercises; how to do them, what they test for, how to score them, and why to use them. It also gives inhalation and exhalation tests to evaluate respiratory patterns.

In the average person and in the elite athlete there exist faulty movement patterns that can lead to chronic disease and instability, as well as reduced strength and performance. This hour can be taken alone but would be best if taken in sequence with the entire course. In the 10-hour course Dr. Liebenson teaches how to detect and ultimately correct these faulty movement patterns allowing the average person and the elite athlete to reach their full potential while reducing the risk of injury.

Learning Objectives

The participant will be know how to diagnose and prescribe exercises for respiration and the lower quarter that will improve fundamental movement patterns, strength, and performance.

Course Instructor

Dr. Craig Liebenson

Doctor of Chiropractic, DC

Dr. Liebenson is the Director of L.A. Sports & Spine a pain management, reha...

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